We help your child ace their spelling tests

As a busy parent, it's hard to find time to help your child practice. We are here to help you, so that they can walk in to their test feeling confident and ready to ace it.

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You want to quiz your child on their spelling tests...

... but life gets in the way.

  • You struggle quizzing them on their spelling list while juggling cooking dinner and cleaning
  • You don't have the time or patience to create audio flashcards
  • They don't get the practice they need and walk in unprepared
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How it works

Spelling Test Buddy helps children practice spelling

  • 1

    Send us the word list

    Snap a photo of your child's word list.

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  • 2

    Clean up and create the test

    With a few taps, you clean up the word list and create the test.

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  • 3

    Take the test!

    Within seconds, we create a spelling test for your child like they would experience in the classroom.

    Your child grabs a sheet of paper, hits Play, and takes the test.

    Student taking spelling test
  • 4

    Review, repeat and relax

    You or your child grades the test. They walk into the test ready and prepared.

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Parents love us

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For only $20, get Spelling Test Buddy forever.

We guarantee you will be happy with it. If not, just contact us for a refund.

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$20 one-time

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$20 one-time

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    Scan every spelling list
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    Generate spelling tests
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    Works for all your children

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Does technology make learning spelling unnecessary?

Research shows that by following a science-based curriculum around spelling, we are not just teaching our children how to spell: we are teaching them how to be better readers.
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FREE downloadable resources

We are buiding a collection of resources for you to assist your students' and children's spelling journey.
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Questions? We have Answers

  • Is this an app?

    Yes, Spelling Test Buddy is an app, but not distributed through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store yet. But, you can easily add it to your homescreen on iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, and other phones, with just a few easy steps!

  • What if I don't like it?

    With our Free Trial, you can try send in up to 4 word lists and try it out for yourself. And, if you are unhappy, I'd love to hear from you to learn how we can improve.

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